Survey of Hawai`i Audiovisual Collections (June 25th – July 25th, 2009)

The last general survey of the audiovisual holdings in Hawai`i was conducted 20 years ago.

“The Hawaii Moving Image Preservation Project Report” was written by Ruth Tamura in 1989-1991. The report consisted of 90-pages and 43 appendices totaling approximately 400 pages. However, the report focused only on the holdings within Hawaiian State institutions and departments and more specifically on film pre-dating 1960.

This limited survey of Hawaiian cultural institutions, in addition to the monumental paradigm shift brought about by digital technologies justifies the need for a new survey. Rapid technological advances, combined with the almost equally rapid obsolescence of moving image playback equipment, has changed the types of audiovisual materials being created, as well as the priorities for preservation.

As I mentioned in my last post, the genesis of this survey has come from my initial research and meetings for the HKG Archive. Knowing that it would be impossible to visit and talk with every archive, library, independent filmmaker, and cultural organization that held moving image materials I have developed a short questionnaire to reach a larger number of people.

The purpose of the survey is threefold:

  1. Obtain some basic information about the state of moving image collections throughout Hawai`i (with a particular emphasis on Hawaiian materials) from a variety of public and private organizations, institutions, and individuals.
  2. Identify the level of digitization efforts and initiatives that currently exist in Hawai`i.
  3. Collect opinions about the various challenges organizations face in preserving and making accessible their collections.

I am optimistic that the information gathered in the survey will provide valuable information and help to understand the scope of the challenges in Hawai’i as well as provide accurate figures to develop a sustainable long-term preservation plan for these valuable materials.

The survey should take approximate 20-30 minutes to complete. Please take the time to fill in the survey as accurately as you can. If you have any questions about the survey please contact me at . Or leave questions in the comments section of the blog.

Click Here to take survey

I will publish the results of the survey on this blog. Thanks for your help!


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