Survey Problems


A few people have been having problems advancing pages while taking the survey. Below is the response I received from Survey Monkey tech support… It seems that people were timing out of their browsers because the questions were taking too long. Therefore, I have reduced the number of questions on each page to try and speed up the process.

If you are still having problems advancing pages, try to refresh your browser page. If this does not work please feel free to email your answers directly to me and I can manually add them.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I appreciate you taking the time to fill out the survey.


I think the issue is most likely related to the length of your survey pages. If you break the survey into more pages, then it will be easier for respondents to get past a given page without having their Browser time out. Keep in mind that surveys are displayed in a Browser window, so if you design a page of the survey to be long enough that respondents are spending more then 5 minutes on the page without refreshing it, then you should start breaking it up into more pages.

Thank you for using,
Forrest Place
SurveyMonkey Support


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