Front Porch Digital highlights the HKG Archives

The HKG Archives was the focus of a recent press release that highlights our current work digitizing hundreds of hours of analog videotapes. From Front Porch Digital:

A new audiovisual archive of historic film and video footage in Hawaii that has been out of sight for decades will soon be made available to the public. The new Henry Ku’ualoha Giugni (HKG) Archives began deploying the SAMMA® solution in January as part of a project that eventually will migrate tens of thousands of hours of video and film content to safe, managed digital storage for long-term preservation and easy access. Until recently, the irreplaceable media had been effectively inaccessible and subject to deterioration in tape cases on shelves.

The HKG Archives is the first institution in Hawaii to use the SAMMA Solo as a major part of our preservation and digitization efforts to save and make accessible as much of Hawaii’s moving image history as possible.

Update: You can also read this press release through UH West Oahu’s West Press. The HKG Archives is scheduled to move into the Library at the new UHWO campus in Kapolei in Fall 2012.


One response to “Front Porch Digital highlights the HKG Archives

  1. Kudos HKG Archive! Can I buy a Samma?

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