Volcano footage now featured on YouTube

The Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes (CSAV) at UH Hilo has recently uploaded archival footage of lava flows and eruptions on Hawai‘i Island to YouTube. The footage is from the Lyman Museum & Mission House collections and was digitized by ‘Ulu‘ulu as part of our Pilot Project; both institutions are credited by CSAV in the videos. With the ongoing volcanic eruption on the island, this project is incredibly timely for scientists and for local communities!

Click on the image above to view footage compiled in our Volcanoes web theme

Click on the image above to view footage compiled in our Volcanoes web theme

What’s more, the videos have been indexed and annotated so that viewers can click on the time codes listed in the video description to skip to specific content within the footage. For example, when watching the 1955 Volcanic eruption in Puna, Hawaii which is a little over an hour long, you could click on the timecode links to skip ahead to the footage you’re especially interested in seeing – this might include a “River of lava” (27:18), a “Night fountain” (41:06) or a “High lava fountain” (47:09) or maybe a “Night view of a house burning” (24:48). In this way, the timecode links make it easier for researchers to find what they want without needing to watch the entire video (though you may still want to see the full-length because it is pretty incredible stuff!).

The following 4 videos are currently available on YouTube:
(note: video clips will continue to be featured on the ‘Ulu‘ulu website and the full-length footage can still be requested through our archive)

The 1955 Puna Eruption (hour-long version)

The 1955 Puna Eruption (highlights only, 3 minutes long)

Halema‘uma‘u eruptions of the 1930’s (5 minutes long)

Kapoho eruption of 1960 (14 minutes long)

Mahalo to Darcy Bevens, an Educational Specialist at the Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes, for letting us know about this project!


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