Our visit with Kahuku

On January 24th, Shavonn and Koa participated in the first installment of the Kahuku Public and School Library’s Hawaiian Digital Resource Series. We shared about the work that we do in the archive and showed samples of the treasures we come across every day.

Tamara Martinez, a librarian at the library, had the idea for the series when she was helping a patron do land research.  She wanted to showcase the many digital resources that we have available to our communities – resources that are free and accessible remotely.

At our visit to the library, we held two information sessions and we were happy to see that both were well attended by students, kupuna, and other Kahuku community members. During the sessions, we had fun watching the reactions of the crowd as they enjoyed various clips highlighting the different types of content we care for at the archive. Their reactions were mostly just amazement at seeing the moving images but we could also hear them commenting to each other every now and then as they recalled the familiar faces and places shown in the videos.

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Those in attendance helped it to be lively sessions! They had lots of great questions about preservation and about how they can access and use ‘Ulu‘ulu’s collections for curriculum and for their families. Overall, it was a great opportunity to share what we do and the treasures we collect and make accessible here at the archive. Mahalo Kahuku! 

We deeply appreciate opportunities like this to get the word out about ‘Ulu‘ulu. If you’d like to have us do an information session to share about  ‘Ulu‘ulu in your community, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For those interested, the next installments of the Hawaiian Digital Resource Series in Kahuku will feature:

  • March 3 – Papakilo Database and Kīpuka
  • March 24 – Ulukau: the Hawaiian Electronic Library

Contact Tamara Martinez (tamara.martinez@librarieshawaii.org) or call the library at 293-8935 for more information about the series.


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