NEW ‘Ulu‘ulu LibGuide

We’ve got a LibGuide! A LibGuide is a library guide used to share information about any subject, course, or topic. LibGuides are used by the University of Hawai‘i libraries and thousands of other libraries worldwide to curate and share knowledge.

'Ulu'ulu LibGuide

The ‘Ulu‘ulu LibGuide provides an introduction to researching our collections. It explains how to search for content on our website and how to request full-length videos once you’ve found a video you’re interested in. A few of our collections are also highlighted (on the “Collections” tab) with direct links to each and to the complete list of collections for your convenience. We’ve even included answers to some of our frequently asked questions, including important information about copyright and how to cite videos. And, just in case you might need further assistance, our contact information is listed along with a reminder that you can send us a message at any time by clicking the “Ask An Archivist” button located at the bottom of every page on our website.

We’re hoping this guide will assist students and others to get started with researching ‘Ulu‘ulu’s collections. Explore our LibGuide at: 





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