Celebrating Filipino American History & Archives

We’ve shared previously that October is American Archives Month but did you know that it’s also recognized as Filipino American History Month?

Why was October selected for Filipino American History Month (FAHM) you ask? Well, it was in October of 1587 that the presence of Filipinos in the continental United States was first recorded; “Luzones Indios” on board the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Esparanza arrived in Morro Bay, California on October 18, 1587.

Recognized in the United States for several years, FAHM was officially recognized in Hawai‘i in 2008. This year’s theme is “1965: Tipping Point for the Filipino American Community.”

To help honor and celebrate the many contributions of Filipino Americans, we thought we’d highlight videos in our collections that share about Filipino heritage and the Filipino experience in Hawai‘i. Click on the images below to view the clips on our website and then contact us to watch the full-length videos for these and other videos related to the heritage and history of Filipino Americans in Hawai’i!

Hanapbuhay Filipina : Looking for Work in Hawaii
screenshot_title728A look at Filipino immigrant women and their problems with finding suitable employment in Hawaiʻi. Victoria Keith Productions Collection.

Military Training
screenshot_title636Possibly footage of Filipinos training for U.S. military and working on sugar plantations. Lyman Museum and Mission House, HKG Pilot Project Collection.

Other resources for info on Filipino American History:
Filipino-American Historical Society of Hawaii
Filipino American National Historical Society
eFil Filipino Digital Archives & History Center of Hawaii
Center for Philippine Studies, UH Mānoa


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