Paid 2016 Summer Roselani Media Preservation Internship

Roselani Internship 2016

Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Roselani Media Preservation Internship at ‘Ulu‘ulu Moving Image Archive!

The student selected as the 2016 Roselani Intern must be committed to the preservation of our media history and enrolled in a moving image or archival academic program. Working side-by-side with experienced archivists, the intern will gain practical experience in a moving image archive.

The intern will receive a $3,000 stipend.

Application Form and Instructions may be downloaded here.

Key dates:
January 15 – March 15: Applications accepted
April 1 : Selection made
May – September : Internship takes place over 6-8 consecutive weeks (200 hours)

Interested in what a Roselani Media Preservation Internship is like? Read the final reflections from our 2015 Roselani Intern April Rodriguez…

Roselani Intern April RodriguesMy time as the Roselani Media Preservation intern has come to an end. Upon reflection, I realize I had an amazing opportunity to develop professionally while also gaining a better sense of Native Hawaiian culture.

A favorite experience of mine involved straying from the moving image archive with my fellow colleagues to participate in the Mana Moana event. This event was centered on storytelling through land and film.  We spent the early morning at the MA‘O Farm pulling weeds from the salad beds and picking crates full of string beans. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with the student workers at the MA‘O Farm and felt so honored to be a part of the harvesting and share in a delicious meal made with ingredients picked from the farm. The event concluded with an evening showing of clips from our archive and movies from director Taika Waititi. This kind of community interaction of gathering and sharing is something I believe to be very special. I sincerely hope this event will continue to be held annually and that I can work for an archive that has this same type of active community involvement.
Not without emotions, some of my job duties involved viewing archival footage about the removal of residents from Sand Island. What an emotional roller coaster of stories and images captured by local news station KGMB.  Outside of work I also attended numerous free events such as the Queen Lili‘uokalani birthday celebration. At that event I talked with all the vendors and listened to various discussions about Hawai’i  – U.S. relations and the mixed feelings regarding the status of the Hawaiian Kingdom. To say the least, I was shocked to learn how Hawai‘i became a state within the U.S.A. I will never be able to look at the sugar or pineapple industry of Hawai‘i the same way again.

One of the most memorable comments made by someone being interviewed by KGMB was, “I wish for the fragments of our past will come together in the future for ourselves and the world.” This was part of an interview from the 1980s New Years celebration segment (ENG collection).

In closing, I am thankful to the people of Hawai‘i for their generous hospitality throughout my stay on the island of O‘ahu. A special shout out to the drivers of The Bus for being so helpful and to the uncle that took me surfing it was such a fantastic experience. I am also thankful to the Hawai‘i Community Foundation and the Giugni family for making the Roselani Media Preservation Internship possible. Even though I’m leaving the island, my time at the archive will not be forgotten and I go forth with having made new friends.


5 responses to “Paid 2016 Summer Roselani Media Preservation Internship

  1. Is housing included with the $3,000 stipend?

    • Aloha Adriene! No, housing is not included with the $3,000 stipend. The stipend will be awarded prior to the start of the internship and may be used however the intern wishes, including to help cover housing costs.

  2. Would the Film and Media Studies major at UCSB qualify me to apply?

  3. Would being a Film and Media Studies major at UCSB qualify me to apply?

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