Filipino American History Month

c37_25857_framegrab_ Filipino American History Month Theme

October is Filipino American History Month. In honor of the event, we compiled footage from various collections in the ‘Ulu’ulu Moving Image Archive to illustrate the Filipino experience in the Hawai’i islands.


Hanapbuhay Filipina : Looking for Work in Hawaii. Victoria Keith Collection.

Description: A look at Filipino immigrant women and their problems with finding suitable employment in Hawaiʻi.


Interview with Marie C. Blanco. Daniel K. Inouye Oral History Project. Daniel K. Inouye Congressional Collection.

Description: Interview with Marie C. Blanco, Senator Inouye’s former chief of staff. This interview was recorded in Falls Church, Virginia on July 7, 2015 for the Daniel K. Inouye Oral History Project. Topics include how Blanco’s desire to work on the continental United States led to becoming a staff member, state issues and communication between Hawaiʻi and D.C. offices, becoming more familiar with Senator Inouye’s different sides over the years, aid for the Philippines and naturalization for Filipino veterans, and being on the commission for the FDR Memorial. Includes photos of Senator Inouye’s trips to the Philippines in 2006 and 2011.


Interview with worker. Ka’u Sugar: A Town Remembers production materials. Cliff Watson

Description: Retired mill operator talks about emigrating to Hawaiʻi and his thoughts on the future of Kāʻū now that the plantation is closing.


Kahului Filipino Community Association INC. Fifth Annual Miss Sampaguita Contest 1979. Michael Dooley Collection.

Description: Kahului Filipino Community Association INC. Fifth Annual Miss Sampaguita Contest. Includes dancing from the Kahului Maui Junior Catholic Club dance, speeches, and swearing in of new members.


DIALOG: Lt. Governor’s Race (1986). PBS Hawai’i. KHET.

Description: Episode of DIALOG featuring a roundtable discussion with the 1986 candidates for Lieutenant Governor. Candidates are Democrat Ben Cayetano and Republican John Henry Felix.


Interview with Norman Asuncion 5/6/98. The Great Hawai’i Dock Strike production materials. Rice & Roses production materials. CLEAR.

Description: Interview with Norman Asuncion conducted by Chris Conybeare on May 6th, 1998 about the 1949 Dock Strike. Topics include his parents immigrating to Kauaʻi to work on a plantation, being stranded on Oʻahu after the war and becoming a stevedore, the ethnic makeup of workers on the dock, benefits of the union, working and living conditions, strike assignment, the Broom Brigade, and what became of the Filipino stevedores.

Please view the Filipino American History Theme here.

Be sure to contact us to view the full footage!


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