‘Ulu’ulu 2017 Annual Newsletter


‘Ulu‘ulu is a Hawaiian word for “gathering or collection,” a fitting name for Hawai‘i’s film and video archive where our collective moving image memories are preserved for future generations.

Entering our 9th year, we now boast a collection of nearly 45,000 media items that have come to us from across the State and even parts of the Continent. This year we have been fortunate to welcome 10 new collection donors whose works will enhance our media literacy efforts. But what does that mean? How can these films and videos become part of media literacy? How will they provide a learning experience?

Moving images are a valuable visual documentation of community – of places, people, events – and ‘Ulu‘ulu strives everyday to preserve, catalogue, protect and share our rich film and video heritage of Hawai‘i while making it accessible to the public.  Thanks to a recent partnership with the Hawaiian Legacy Foundation (HLF), we anticipate teachers diving into ‘Ulu‘ulu and using these resources as part of media literacy integration across all subject areas. This is exciting as our 20th century history resides on the shelves at Hawai‘i’s official moving image archive.  We cannot thank our donors enough for their moving images which have become important examples of our historiography.


We’d like to take a moment to share some of our accomplishments from 2017 with you. Click here to view the ʻUluʻulu 2017 Highlights report on our new collections, digital preservation projects, television and film premieres and more!

Mahalo nui loa for your support!


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