AHA Conference: Practical Stewardship of Collections

On Saturday Feb 16, the Association of Hawaiʻi Archivists (AHA) held their annual conference. This year the conference focused on Practical Stewardship of Collections “informed by the findings of the 2010 HMA Connecting to Collections Survey which identified practical collections care training as one of the primary needs of local cultural heritage institutions.” There were several panels and speakers talking on a variety of topics from the importance of working with the community when culturally sensitive items are on display, the preservation of metal and paper, climate and pest control, to caring for textiles in your collection.

Practical stewardship is something that ‘Ulu‘ulu is highly concerned with as part of our mission is the preservation of film and videotape related to the history and culture of Native Hawaiians and the people of Hawai‘i. During lunch, Janel Quirante and Koa Luke recapped work accomplished since last year’s conference and shared the Highlight Reel below of recently digitized footage.  It was a great experience! — By Koa Luke

This video footage may be protected under U.S. copyright law and is provided for educational and research purposes only.


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