ACM & Shanghai University Night at HIFF


Three more days till our free screening of Puamana at HIFF (Sunday 13th 6 PM Dole Cannery) and we are still excited!  As part of our celebration of 33 years of HIFF we would like to highlight the Academy for Creative Media (ACM) and Shanghai University film students’ films playing at HIFF.  ACM is part of University of Hawaiʻi and emphasizes narrative, or story telling, theories, skills and application across multiple platforms of digital media and within a context of cultural and aesthetic values. ACM seeks to empower students to tell their own stories of Hawaiʻi, the Pacific and Asia rather than have those stories told for them through a different cultural lens that is distant and often distorted (from website here).  ʻUluʻulu is proud to be a part of ACM System; the high quality film the students put out is amazing!  ACM and Shanghai University night features films made by students of ACM and their exchange program with Shanghai University.  In August we caught some of the films made by ACM students that screened at the ʻOhina Short Film Showcase and you donʻt want to miss them at HIFF!

ACM & Shanghai University Night Screening as part of HIFF on October 17th at 6:00 PM at Dole Cannery Theatres Click on the picture below for descriptions and trailers of the film and happy movie going!



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