Puamana and the Meleanna Aluli Meyer Collection

PUAMANA-pic-4_3Two more days until the free screening of Puamana at HIFF Sunday 13th 6pm Dole Cannery! “Puamana is a documentary film produced by Meleanna Aluli Meyer and directed by the late documentary filmmaker Les Blank (director of seminal American documentaries like BURDEN OF DREAMS and IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO BEER?), his only production shot in Hawaii. The film features interviews, songs and performances by Irmgard Farden Aluli, one of Hawai’i’s most loved and influential musical composers. The film interweaves concert footage, archival stills and on-screen text to produce “a cinematic translation of the pulse of island life.” (from HIFF website here)

Puamana and the production elements, including work prints and sound, are a sub-collection of the Meleanna Aluli Meyer Collection at the archive.  The collection started when Meleanna donated the material, which includes 24 boxes of 16mm film reels, audio, and documentation, to the archive in the spring of 2013.  We are proud to partner with HIFF to show this important film and share with the public the work we do at ʻUluʻulu to preserve Hawaiʻi`s rich moving image history.  Click on picture below to see a synopsis and trailer of the film; happy movie going!

Puanama HIFF Flyer


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