Mālama Honua

The Worldwide Voyage of Hōkūleʻa and Hikianalia is scheduled to depart Oʻahu for Hilo on May 17th, weather permitting. From Hilo, the sister canoes will sail to Tahiti, and begin their international journey.

Educators from around the island attended yesterday’s WWV Educational Summit which was led by crew members Jenna Ishii, Patricia Halagao and Miki Tomita. ʻUluʻulu is proud & honored to play a role in supporting the education effort of this very important voyage. We were invited to introduce our Theme Page to educators who will be creating curriculum and connecting with the crew via satellite.

Connect to www.hokulea.org and follow the plan for Mālama Honua through 2017!

Click on the image below to view more images:


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