Preservation Week at ‘Ulu‘ulu

In celebration of libraries and archives Preservation Week, ‘Ulu‘ulu held an Open House this past Wednesday. The event was one of many held around the country this week to highlight what we can do to preserve the collections held and loved by our communities.

During the event, our ‘Ulu‘ulu staff shared preservation tips with those who stopped by our table at the front of the UHWO Library and gave tours of the archive to students and staff. We also displayed a timeline of videotapes to showcase the variety of videotape formats in our collection, from 2” Quads to DVCPro; for some, it was their first time seeing reels of videotape. In order to encourage others to preserve their personal collections, we especially highlighted the types of videotapes that are most common in our own homes – formats like VHS and MiniDVs.

A Timeline of Videotape History Display

A Timeline of Videotape History Display

Mahalo to the UHWO Library and to all those who visited us during the Open House. Happy Preservation Week and Happy Aloha Friday!

Check out the UHWO Flickr album for more photos.
For info on Preservation Week, please visit


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