2014 Highlights

newsletter_pic2As 2014 comes to a close, our staff at ʻUluʻulu would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and share some of our accomplishments from the past year! We would also like to express our thanks to each and every one of you for your help, contribution, guidance and support. You have made the difference!

Read more about our new collections, digital preservation projects, community outreach and other highlights from 2014 here.

Happy Holidays from ʻUluʻulu!

Happy Holidays from ʻUluʻulu!

“That’s a wrap” HIFF 2014

Congratulations to all filmmakers whose films were featured at HIFF and to the HIFF team for organizing another great festival! Our staff would like to send a special mahalo to all of you who joined us for the screening of ‘Iolani Palace restoration films!

This year’s screenings of ‘Iolani Palace: Hawaii’s Past Today and ‘Iolani Palace Restoration was very well attended. After a quick introduction to ‘Ulu‘ulu and to the films by Heather Giugni, our Cultural Collections Specialist, the lights dimmed and the audience enjoyed the films. It was the first time these films had been viewed in some 30 years!

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After the screening, Heather Giugni moderated a panel discussion which featured Mike May of Mike May Media Services, Janel Quirante from ‘Ulu‘ulu, and Heather Diamond from ‘Iolani Palace.

Mike got things started by talking about his experiences watching the restoration of the Palace; he also spoke about his own experiences filming another documentary on the restoration. Janel then explained the work ‘Ulu‘ulu had done to preserve the films and to get them digitized for the big screen. She shared that both films had recently been restored along with 47 others (including raw footage) that were donated to ‘Ulu‘ulu by the Friends of ‘Iolani Palace. Heather Diamond followed Janel and expressed her excitement about the digitized films. She told us about how the Friends came to the decision to donate the films and then let us in on how they are planning to use the footage for new Palace exhibits. Heather also discussed the history of the restoration and how the restoration itself might have played a large role in the Palace’s significance for the people of Hawai‘i today.

Our awesome panelists

Our awesome panelists (left to right): Heather Diamond, Janel Quirante, Mike May

The audience, which included members of the Friends of ‘Iolani Palace and Palace docents, raised a lot of great questions for the panelists. One of the things they wanted to know more about was the ongoing effort to restore furniture and other artifacts. They also talked about their own experiences with watching the restoration – one woman shared about how she assisted in fundraising for the restoration – and even expressed interest in purchasing these films should they become available.

Overall, the screening was a success! For those of you who joined us, we hope you enjoyed the films and learned some new things about the Palace – its history and its significance. And, we hope to see you again next year!

View more photos of the screening on Flickr:  https://flic.kr/s/aHsk5wELt3

ACM & Shanghai University Night @ HIFF 2014

Wow! Hope you all are enjoying HIFF as much as we are… between our staff, we’ve seen several films already and we can’t get enough!

Tonight is the ACM & Shanghai University Night, 6pm at Dole Cannery. Being that our archive is a part of ACM, we of course want to encourage you to support our students and to attend tonight’s screenings. There’s really a great list of over 10 short films being premiered, don’t miss it.

Five of these films have been nominated for the Best Student Film award sponsored by the Sunny Dupree Family Foundation:

The Official Nominees for Best Student Film at HIFF 2014.
Image by EuroCinema Hawai’i.

The winning filmmaker and his/her respective school film program will both receive $1,000 each. The UH Manoa ACM Program will also award a production scholarship of $3,000 courtesy of the foundation. Congratulations & best of luck to all the nominees!

For a complete list of films being shown at the event, visit the HIFF website.

For more information on past award nominees, visit the EuroCinema Hawai’i website at http://www.eurocinemahawaii.org.

34th annual Hawai’i International Film Festival starts tonight, Thursday October 30, 2014

34th annual Hawai’i International Film Festival starts tonight, Thursday October 30, 2014.  Click on the picture below to see a clip reel we’ve made of news stories highlighting the festival in past years.  Click here for HIFF’s website to see the schedule and purchase tickets. Also Come to our event on November 8 4:00 P.M.; for a screening of ‘IOLANI PALACE : HAWAII’S PAST TODAY and ‘IOLANI PALACE RESTORATION (see more info here).  See you all there!!!


(Click on picture above for highlight reel)

Showtime less than a week away for HIFF

The Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) is just days away! Hope you’re as excited as we are!

This year HIFF will include 176 films from 45 countries! As was shared in an earlier post, films from our collections will be featured as part of the festival – a screening of ‘Iolani Palace: Hawaii’s Past Today and ‘Iolani Palace Restoration will be held on Nov. 8th and is open and FREE to the public.

HIFF will also include a number of other local offerings, including “Lāhainā Noon,” directed by Chris Kahunahana, a couple of sports-related films like “Rise of the Wahine” and “Winning Girl,” as well as films created by UH students highlighted on ACM & Shanghai University Night.

View the full list of films and reserve your tickets today at http://www.hiff.org/


Volcano footage now featured on YouTube

The Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes (CSAV) at UH Hilo has recently uploaded archival footage of lava flows and eruptions on Hawai‘i Island to YouTube. The footage is from the Lyman Museum & Mission House collections and was digitized by ‘Ulu‘ulu as part of our Pilot Project; both institutions are credited by CSAV in the videos. With the ongoing volcanic eruption on the island, this project is incredibly timely for scientists and for local communities!

Click on the image above to view footage compiled in our Volcanoes web theme

Click on the image above to view footage compiled in our Volcanoes web theme

What’s more, the videos have been indexed and annotated so that viewers can click on the time codes listed in the video description to skip to specific content within the footage. For example, when watching the 1955 Volcanic eruption in Puna, Hawaii which is a little over an hour long, you could click on the timecode links to skip ahead to the footage you’re especially interested in seeing – this might include a “River of lava” (27:18), a “Night fountain” (41:06) or a “High lava fountain” (47:09) or maybe a “Night view of a house burning” (24:48). In this way, the timecode links make it easier for researchers to find what they want without needing to watch the entire video (though you may still want to see the full-length because it is pretty incredible stuff!).

The following 4 videos are currently available on YouTube:
(note: video clips will continue to be featured on the ‘Ulu‘ulu website and the full-length footage can still be requested through our archive)

The 1955 Puna Eruption (hour-long version)

The 1955 Puna Eruption (highlights only, 3 minutes long)

Halema‘uma‘u eruptions of the 1930’s (5 minutes long)

Kapoho eruption of 1960 (14 minutes long)

Mahalo to Darcy Bevens, an Educational Specialist at the Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes, for letting us know about this project!

Archival Footage from ‘Ulu‘ulu Again Featured at HIFF

The Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) schedule is out and we’re excited to again be participating!

This year, we will be screening ‘Iolani Palace: Hawaii’s Past Today & ‘Iolani Palace Restoration. Both documentary films were directed by local filmmaker George Tahara and document the decade-long restoration of the Palace from 1969-1979. These were recently digitized along with 47 other films from the Friends of ‘Iolani Palace collection at ‘Ulu‘ulu with generous support from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

The FREE screening will be held at Dole Cannery Theatres on Saturday, November 8th at 4pm. A panel discussion about film archiving and preservation, the history of the Palace restoration, and the importance of ‘Iolani Palace as the center of social and political life for the Kingdom of Hawai‘i and for today will follow the premiere.

Hope to see you there!

Join in Nov. 8th for a FREE screening

Join us Nov. 8th for a FREE screening

Interested in reading more about the Palace restoration? Visit the ‘Iolani Palace website

Intern Discovers Dance at ‘Ulu‘ulu

As was shared in an earlier post, Keahiahi Long, a Dance Heritage Coalition fellow and student in the Master of Library & Information Science at the University of Hawai‘i, interned here at the archive over the summer.  As part of her work with us, Keahiahi was tasked with finding dance-related items in ‘Ulu‘ulu’s collections. Writing about her experience on her blog, she shares:

“One interesting group of items that I found in the collection was a set of tapes called “King Kalākaua Jubilee Centennial Celebration”, an event which occurred in November 1986. These tapes had “Hula 1886” written on the case spine. Hula from 1886?! Cool!”

“The collection also has footage of several kumu hula [hula teachers, instructors, masters] who have passed away, such as Nona Beamer, O’Brian Eselu, and Elaine Kaopuiki. That the teachings of these kumu can continue to inform current and future generations of Hawaiians and hula practitioners because of moving images is … amazing.”

To read more about Keahiahi’s practicum work at ‘Ulu‘ulu and about her other interesting finds, read her latest blog post.

Archivist Picks: Volcanoes

Volcano Footage (Ted Shibuya collection)

Volcano Footage (Ted Shibuya collection)

With lava from Kilauea flowing toward Puna homes and Highway 130, photos and live footage are continuing to be shared on the news and on social networks. ‘Ulu‘ulu may not have footage of this flow in our collections just yet, but we do have archival footage of past Kilauea eruptions in our collections.

So, we thought we’d highlight a sample – including footage of the 1960, 1959 and 1955 flows as well as what looks to be footage of the 1924 eruption.

screenshot_title625Pele comes back to Puna, 1960
HKG Pilot : Lyman Museum and Mission House
1960 Kapoho Eruption of Kīlauea Volcano in Puna. Footage from January, February, and March is in three phases…

Title 679Kīlauea Iki Eruption, 1959
HKG Pilot : Lyman Museum and Mission House
– Footage of the summit eruption of Kīlauea Volcano, in Kīlauea Iki Crater.


Title 630Halemaʻumaʻu Volcano
HKG Pilot : Lyman Museum and Mission House
– Film container said “Halemaumau Volcano, 1924.” Footage of lava and steam, but also Hawaiʻi National Park signs describing volcano activity occuring as late as January 1932.

View our web theme on VOLCANOES for more archival footage!


Other Resources:
– SOEST website – “Historical Eruptions of Kilauea Volcano” Timeline
– USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) website – photos and video of the flow

Archivists Picks – Sports

Leeeet’s watch sports! Here in Hawai‘i, we love our home team, the University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors, continue to host major sporting events, like the Ironman Triathlon, Honolulu Marathon and PGA Tour tournaments, and are home to sports notables like Olympic champion Duke Kahanamoku. Oh yeah and we’re also the birthplace of surfing!

With football and volleyball seasons starting up, we thought this was the perfect time to highlight ‘Ulu‘ulu footage on sports. Check it out now in our new web theme: http://uluulu.hawaii.edu/themes/sports

Miscellaneous Sports : Sidelines '82 Football Highlights, KGMB Collection

Miscellaneous Sports : Sidelines ’82 Football Highlights, KGMB Collection

Want to go straight to the football footage, click the above image.

Can’t wait for that winter swell?
Click the image below to check out archival surf footage.

ENG File #431, KGMB Collection

ENG File #431, KGMB Collection

Our sports theme also includes clips of: