Motion picture film projectors now on display!

Have you ever been inside a movie theater projection booth? If not now’s your chance to get a glimpse of some analog film projectors at ‘Ulu‘ulu!

Now on display inside the UHWO Library are two 35mm projectors and one 16mm projector that once screened films at the Hawaii Theatre. We took in these projectors from the Hawaii Theatre when they switched to digital projection in 2013 and are excited to share this celluloid technology with visitors to ‘Ulu‘ulu.

Mahalo to the Hawaii Theatre for donating the projectors; to Alan Sakaida from Consolidated Theatres for spending a Saturday at ‘Ulu‘ulu assembling them for display; and to the UHWO Facilities Crew for moving these 500 pound beasts into our exhibit area!!

~ Pictures featured above are of the Punahou PUEO Program students who stopped by today. Mahalo PUEO Program!


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